Very satisfied with the experience so far.

Eric has a coaching approach to mentorship that is helping me to clarify my professional vision.

Federico G Series A Startup Project Manger in Zurich

Super Mario Boost

Eric and I connected through a private community at a point of career transition. I had just left a General Partner role in finance and entered the strategic and cultural consulting space. He rapidly deployed and taught me tools and frameworks to generate clarity and momentum in key relationships. His ability to identify value and then clear my internal objections and conflicts was and is catalytic to progressing into the unknown of market entry for a new service. He knows his stuff and cuts through all the noise! Deeply valuable team player for critical moments in the entrepreneurial journey. . felt like stepping on the blue mushroom in mario go-kart!! “super boost” for clarity and action. Looking forward to some time in the back country with Eric and his family soon. Hiking + nature + leadership development = my dream life.

Kodah Pipitone, Technology futurist, author, speaker, and executive coach from Los Angeles, CA

Wow Eric! Thank you.

I really appreciate your effort, your quality time, your attention, your professionalism. You really help me.

Andrea G Retail Business Owner from Milan, Italy

Eric brings wonderful energy and focus to his coaching.

I had the sense he had studied the coaching process from coach to protege so carefully that he could see issues from both sides of our discussion. This ability built a sense of empathy, but also dynamic talks that led to real insights and gain on my part. It’s clear that Eric is committed to success for his proteges and will work hard for them and with them to achieve their goals.

Mark Standley, PhD, Researcher and World Traveler

Would recommend Eric to anyone…

‘m very happy to have Eric as my mentor and coach. He’s helping me discover myself, being honest with me, and providing me with homework to continue my growth and become a better version of myself! With Eric, I’ve gotten more clarity on my thoughts, my wants vs. needs, and experiencing/feel more of the good things in my days. I would recommend Eric to anyone at this point.

Vincent -Blockchain Entrepreneur, The Netherlands

For anyone grappling with self-discipline, I cannot recommend Eric enough.

Having had the privilege of working with Eric for the past 3 years, I can confidently say that the journey has been transformative. My satisfaction rating is a solid 10/10, and here’s why: Commitment & Accountability: Eric shows up, each time, every time. His consistency in holding me accountable to my personal growth goals has been instrumental in my progress. Insightful Guidance: Through our sessions, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of my personal challenges. More importantly, he’s illuminated clear and effective pathways to navigate and overcome these obstacles. Performance Coaching: His strong suit undoubtedly lies in performance coaching. Drawing from his own discipline in physically and mentally demanding tasks, he infuses our sessions with a drive thats contagious. This discipline and mindset transfer have been game-changers for me, especially in regulating my sleep and, by extension, my energy levels. For anyone grappling with self-discipline, I cannot recommend Eric enough. His methods, drive, and genuine concern have been invaluable in shaping my journey to personal excellence.

Arthur P, Computer Programmer and American Entrepreneur

One of the Great Business Coaches

I have experienced many business coaches and Eric is one of the great ones. I have been very grateful for Erics guidance, determination, wisdom, his support and the way he challenged me to take my development of my business and ideas to the next level. I was able to get the clarity I needed for me to be successful. He is very effective and determined to serve his clients.

Katerina, Marriage and Family Certified Tony Robbins Coach from Germany






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