The Power of Talking Nicely to Yourself: How to Feel Better and Do Better

Sometimes we say mean things to ourselves in our head, like “I’m not good enough” or “I’ll never be able to do this.” But did you know that if we talk nicely to ourselves instead, we can feel better and do better? Let’s learn about the power of positive self-talk!

Why Negative Talk Is Not Nice

When we say mean things to ourselves, it can make us feel sad or angry. It can also make it hard for us to do things we want to do.

How Positive Talk Helps Us Feel Better

When we say nice things to ourselves, it can make us feel happy and proud. It can also help us do things better, like try harder and not give up.

Ways to Talk Nicely to Ourselves

We can talk nicely to ourselves by saying things like “I can do this” or “I am good enough.” We can also celebrate when we do something well, even if it’s just a small thing.

Talking nicely to ourselves is a way to feel better and do better.

Let’s try to say nice things to ourselves every day and see how it makes us feel!

Ask Yourself:

What could be easier ways to speak nicely to yourself?

What are specific ways of making it harder to say mean things to yourself?


  1. This is SO TRUE! When we actually listen to the things that we say to ourselves in our heads or even out loud, it can be shocking! We say things that we would never say to OTHER people. So WHY do we say them to ourselves? We get to speak to ourselves with LOVE ❤️, like we would our best friend. Thank you for sharing this powerful message!

  2. thanks for sharing. by sharing this, it helps others know they are not alone. some questions to consider: what could be easier ways to speak to yourself in love? what are specific ways to make it harder to say mean things to yourself?

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