Morning Routine to Prime you for the day

1. Priming

By “priming” yourself and your emotions each morning, you will ensure the tone of your day is not set by stress, anger, or fear – but instead, by gratitude and optimism.

The science behind these exercises is called “breath walking.” You’ll use this technique to stimulate your lymph nodes, while simultaneously energizing your body.

You’ll start by inhaling four times through your nose, and then exhaling four times through your mouth. The breaths are to be purposeful, short breaths, one after the other. Four quick breaths in through the nose, followed by short quick breaths exhaled out of the mouth.

  1. Inhale four breaths in a row, in a fairly quick fashion, through your nose.
  2. Immediately exhale four breaths in a row, in the same tempo, through your mouth.
  3. Repeat the inhaling and exhaling 30 times without interruption and then breath normally for a little while.
  4. Repeat step 1-3 above three times. Ie. the whole exercise is 30 x 3 complete breaths.

2. Create an emotional state of enormous gratitude

In this step, you create an enormous state of gratitude. You do so by acknowledging and appreciating both people and situations that you are grateful for. Tony uses the first few minutes to focus on something that makes him feel grateful.

Think of someone or something in your life that you feel grateful for and feel the gratitude fill up your body. Think of how lucky you are to have whatever it is you are focusing on. Be sure to do this for at least three minutes, and even more if you have the time.

3. Visualize yourself thriving in the future

For the last few minutes, visualize what you want to create in your life. Focus on the future, and envision everything you will be grateful for, but be sure to picture it as if it already exists. By doing this daily, your mind will begin to build certainty around this future you have envisioned for yourself, and help you achieve it in resourceful ways. Affirm this vision. Tell yourself it will be accomplished. Your mind and body will follow. Everything we create in our life is first created in our mind as thoughts, feelings, or desires.